My ass is Outta this world, 2022

Exhibited at The Art Plaza: LINK by IBK, Seoul, Korea, 2022

The Survivors, 2018, collected toys, neon lighting, acrylate polymer, 65x65x40cm.

The Use of The Body (a part), 2020, styrofoam, 40x35x35cm.

Ttongkko-Chung (anus-worm), 2019, anus silicone casting, silicone tube, dimensions variable.

Analufo No.33, 2018, digital printing on paper, frame, 59x85cm.

To Find the Missing Horn or Tail, 2018, digital printing on acrylate polymer, 50x35cm.

I Want to Feel Your Prayers Hard, 2021, anal plug plastic case, silicone, metal piercings, metal chain. 200x150x70.

Expanding As It Breaks, 2021, digital print on clear adhesive vinyl sheets, 225x171.

Photo by Gnu Choi