Ceremony, 2016
Screened at

Obviously Video #8, Eulji Space, Seoul, Korea, 2018

Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin, Germany, 2018
CICA Museum, Gimpo, Korea, 2018
Post-Cyber Feminist International, ICA, London, UK, 2017
BIM, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2016
ASTERISCO, Casa Brandon, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2016
ShowRCA, Royal College of Art, London, UK, 2016
Ceremony, 2016,Single channel video (07’07”). Produced by TcoET.

"Cyberspace grows without limits, yet mental time is not infinite
Beyond certain limits, the acceleration of experience provokes a reduced consciousness of stimulus, a loss of intensity which concerns the aesthetic sphere, that of sensibility, and also the sphere of ethics. The experience of the Other becomes awkward, even painful, as the Other becomes part of an uninterrupted and frenetic stimulus, and loses its singularity and intensity, its beauty. The consequence is a reduction of curiosity, and an increase in stress, aggressiveness, anxiety, fear
More information, less meaning. More stimuli, less pleasure. Sensibility is within time. Sensuality is in slowness, and the space of information is too extensive and fast to elaborate upon it intensively and deeply. At the point of intersection between electronic cyberspace and organic cybertime lies the fundamental matter of the contemporary mutation."

FRANCO BERARDI (And. Phenomenology of the end, 2014)
From South Korea to Brazil and the US evangelical christians are imposing agendas on sexuality, science and global politics. In Take Me To Church, artists HornyHoneydew and Luciano Zubillaga search for posthuman (and postporno) narratives (hyperstitions) connecting sado-masochism and Christianity: a man exploring voluntary kidnapping becomes confused between fear and sexual pleasure. He realises that his sexual desire is a kind of death and the ceremony is sacred.

George Bataille said that the inner experience of eroticism demands from the subject sensitiveness to the anguish at the heart of the taboo no less great than the desire which leads him to infringe it. This is religious sensibility, and it always links desire closely with terror, intense pleasure and anguish. We see an energy in the story which, when harnessed to a devotion to something or someone, gives the devotee, the submissive, the masochist, the martyr, an ability to do something special, to step outside the limitations of human life.

Further readings on the anus as bioport, the posthuman and revolutionary politics please see Paul B. Preciado's Terror Anal (2013).

3D, 2D and digital animation mix

Co-directed by Dew Kim and Luciano Zubillaga