My Little God, 2016

Performed at Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary, Trevi, Italy, 2016


In art, nothing is as powerful and firm as performance. Thus, its own training program cannot disregard such stringent conditions.

The summer workshop designed by Franko B has been a challenging journey: physically, mentally, and emotionally. Participants weren’t only asked for an aesthetic code, but also an existential approach.

This is not, of course, a matter of sexual orientation, nor a biographical emulation. It’s about work and the seriousness of work. Shortly, it’s about the ethical integrity of work. The linguistic, technical, visual, philosophical precision of the artistic work. That's all.

The performative gesture is an essential gesture. Necessary. It is as irrevocable as a weather event; as immutable as a natural disaster. It is a point of no return. It is the bell that always tolls for you too. Therefore, its basic structure is not a matter of taste or some form of spectacular acrobatics. It is, rather, the assimilation of a method based on an attitude of concentration. It is focusing on a goal and setting the tools to achieve it. Rehabilitating the habitat - both physical and emotional, environmental and interior - in anticipation of a goal. Instinct plus pragmatism plus a tragic sense of rhythm.

In Franko B’s teaching, the young artists from around the world went through four steps: heterogeneous exercises for a sublimation in four stages. First, learning discipline: that is, to follow the rules of society, but also to recognize the existence of an implicit system to the artistic fact. Second, applying self-discipline, to dominate the impulses.

To reflect while doing. The combination of control and self-control, then, leads to freedom. A kind of freedom that is not arbitrary but consists in a deliberate respect towards others, of course.

Their emotions and choices, but not only. It is the deference towards what you are doing, because there is only one way to do things. Est modus in rebus, as Latins use to say. In art and life. Focusing. With sincerity and ardor. Getting involved.

by Maurizio Coccia

Catalog ‘Death & Romance (A workshop with Franko B)’ ︎︎

Curator: Maurizio Coccia
Coordinator: Mara Predicatori
Assistant Curator: Miriam Pascale
Assitant Artist: Andrea Marcaccio
Video Maker: Stefano Teodori


Claudia Palazzo, Astrid Gnosis, Gianluca Quaglia, Christina Novokov-Ritchey,
Emanuela Zedda, Silvia Mantellini Faieta, Hakan Machlis, Matthew Harrison-Lord,
Petr Davydtchenko, Colette Patterson, Dew Kim, Sarah Julius, Aarin Purple,
Sophie Barnett, Francesca Fiordelmondo