Purple Kiss ♡, 2018 
(Video & Performance)
Single channel film (03'56")
Supported by Seoul Foundation of Arts and Culture

Screened & performed

Artist Residency TEMI, Daejeon, Korea, 2019
Obviously Video #8, Eulji Space, Seoul, Korea, 2018
Archive Bomm, Seoul, Korea, 2018

내가 조금 더 설렐 수 있게 💜 Purple Kiss 

TcoET production (Dew Kim & Luciano Zubillaga)
Director: Jo Hanjin, Director’s assistant: Jang Dong Yo, Lights: Chae Young Hun
Camera: Kim Jun Young, Camera’s assistant: Kim Seoung Min, Assistant: Kim Junsoo
Art director: Kim Miyoun, Costume designer: Lim Jae Yoon, Hair&make-up artist: Park Jeonghwan 
Choreography: Nam BuHyeon, Vocal trainer: Shin Sung Jin
Song by HornyHoneydew / Lyrics by Dew Kim, Yeon / Composed by TMGP, Yeon / Arranged by TMGP, Yeon

<My First Date 💛> at Obviously Video #8, Eulji Space, Seoul, Korea, 2018