Succulent Humans, 2018
Exhibited at Art Space Grove, Seoul, Korea, 2018
Analufo No.33, 2018, digital printing on paper, frame.

The Survivors, 2018, collected toys, neon lighting, acrylate polymer.

Incubation Experiment, 2018, ceramic, glass, silicone tubes, artificial plants, sand.

Zero Gravity ,2018, digital printing on polyvinyl chloride, silicone tubes, aluminium, chains.

A Succulent Human, 2018, sponge, polyurethane foam, artificial plants, silicone, colleted toys, sand, single channel film (looping).

Faster than a Kiss, 2018, digital printing on polyvinyl chloride, silicone tubes, epoxy putty, artificial plants, digital printing on wallpaper.

Pollinators, 2018, ceramic, a lighting, butterfly stickers.

To Find the Missing Horn or Tail, 2018, digital printing on acrylate polymer.

Photo by Jungwoo Lee

Dew kim has been working on combining body and sexuality with social and religious perspectives. In this exhibition, Succulent Humans, He introduces a new reproductive system for the imagined survivors of the last human race.
Ecological apocalypse. The Earth will soon be destroyed, and those who have been selected will leave Earth on Analufo No.33. The remaining survivors tried to reproduce, but could not breed with their own reproductive system used back on Earth. Eventually, The survivors will try the ribs that Adam used in the old testament. Through various experiments, a succulent piece of meat begins to grow on ribs.

Dew Kim visualizes stories about post-gender and non-binary through collage, video and installation. By using Fanciful images of subculture and images of fractal, a geometric structure with self-similarity, He emerges irregular natural complexity and ironic sense of the posthuman, allowing the artist to visualise alternatives to corporate views of space exploration and contest mainstream imaginations such as Elon Musk”s Space X enterprise.