The Peach Blossom Land, 2017
Exhibited at Art Space O, Seoul, Korea, 2017
Swinging Scat, 2017, clothes hanger, fabric, string, single channel film (looping).

I Tripped Over Something The Other Day, 2017, polyurethane foam, beads, silicone, metal, plant stand, artifical plants, plaster, digital print on paper, iPhone showing a still image.

It Became Much Moist and Rich, 2017, shelf, digital print on paper, lamp, beads, silicone, plaster.

Swimming Upstream, 2017, digital print on fabric, enema, plaster, beads, silicon, polyurethane foam, wood, metal, iPad showing moving image.

How Homo Sapiens can Evolve, 2017, digital print on paper, alginic acid.

Photo by Jungwoo Lee

“The Peach Blossom Land,” is a study of how relationships, represented by parts of the body, transform and restructure the context of the social and language. It is a work which started out as a question about whether the butt has the political potential to re-bind us together in a time of confusion with big and small wars. It is a work expressing the subjective and liberating potential of the anus, from the utopia represented in the Chinese story ‘The Peach Blossom Spring’ to Paul B. Preciado’s seminal book, 'Terror Anal’, about the anus as a post-gendered organ. In particular, I studied the symbolic meaning of queer and feminism that anal has, which is a democratic symbol representing all regardless of sex and gender, the sexual communist symbol of the public joy that we all experienced, the symbol of the liquidity of power from behind and from below and and the various symbolic meanings of the anus. The work is visualised a fantasy space through sexually neutral body images and daily objects.