Artist Statement

My artwork explores issues of sexuality, queerness, feminism, sadomasochism, pop culture, religion, mysticism, and the body as forms of knowledge and research.

My work exists at the intersection of social conflicts that emerge from ambivalent social relationships. I twist, combine, and reorganize these tensions and anxieties in order to forge new narratives in an effort to break down and disrupt conventional boundaries in contemporary life. By confronting social systems and the normality maintained by these systems, my work explores the significant of exclusion and abandonment of individuals as a strategy for embodying the intense, impulsive energy generated through visual art.

The tendencies of the world to seek completion and order is expressed as a force of oppression in my artwork. My art seeks to combat  the self-oppressive world by destroying the self and liberating it from social structures of oppression. This process of destruction, in masochistic terms, is both pain and pleasure, and the resulting space of destruction is neither subject nor object.  Rather, the resulting debris of this destruction is used to engenders stories in my art, and these fragments become posthumans. In other words, the timeframe of my work is both a moment of destruction and birth. These moments do not fall into any logical category or language system. To me, the starting point of art, religion and identity lies at the critical junction of change and collision. Transforming the coordinates of change and conflict is a Queer artistic approach that seeks to erase and reform existing normative boundaries.