︎ (EN) Apocalypse, Now Queer hope for the end of the world and Dew Kim’s Succulent Humans by Andrew Cummings, Article, 2022
︎ (EN) The Promise of Parasites: Queer Currents, Currencies of Queerness, and Dew Kim’s Latrinxia: A New Utopia by Andrew Cummings, Article, 2021
︎ (KR) 찬란한 고통, 매혹하는 공포 by 김소연 (연극비평), Review, 2021
︎ (EN) Dear artist Dew Kim by Jinshil Lee (Art Critic), Critique, 2021
︎ (KR) 듀킴 작가님께 by 이진실 (미술비평), Critique 2021
︎ (KR) 신인류 프로젝트 : 정조대를 찾아서 by 허니듀, Essay, 2021
︎ (EN) In Pornotopia by Jinho Lim (curator at out_sight), Critique, 2020
︎ (KR) 포르노토피아에서 by 임진호 (out_sight 큐레이터), Critique, 2020
︎ (KR) 공포와 쾌락을 함께 사유하기 by 루인 (젠더학자), Critique, 2020 
︎ (KR/EN) Why Did Ishtar Go to the Underworld? by Dew Kim, Essay, 2020 
︎ (EN) Absence of Homeland or Birth of a New Breed by Chung Hyun (Art Critic), Critique, 2019
︎ (KR) 모국의 부재 혹은 새로운 종족의 탄생 by 정현 (미술비평), Critique, 2019
︎ (EN) Bling-Bling Stains Where Destruction Was Destroyed by Nam Woong (Art Critic), Critique, 2018
︎ (KR) 파괴를 파괴한 자리 벅차오르는 블링블링 얼룩 by 남웅 (미술비평), Critique, 2018
︎ (EN) DIONYSIA: The True Story of My Relationship with My Body by Dew Kim, Distinction Awarded Dissertation, Royal College of Art, 2015

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